We are the 6th Torbay (Britannia) Sea Scout Group.

Our Headquarters is located on the South Quay at Paignton Harbour.

We have 4 sections in our group and are Royal Navy Recognised, a privilege granted to only 101 Sea Scout Groups in the UK. Our Unit Number is 29. This coveted status requires a high level of commitment from members and the Admiralty Inspection Parade is a compulsory requirement for all members of the group and takes place every 18 months.

We have 2 Colonies which meet on either Mondays (18:00 to 19:15) or Thursdays (17:45 to 19:00). The section leader is Kiwi (Helen).

Beavers are the youngest members of the Scout Movement.

Beavers can join our group from the age of 6 to 8 years.

In Beavers, we work towards badges and provide a range of fun activities, including sleepovers, camps, and hikes.We also take part in all the District Events organised for the Beavers, giving them the chance to meet other Beavers in Torbay and have even more fun! 


We have two cub packs, Invincible & Illustrious, that meet on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings 18:15-20:00 hrs

We have two cub packs, Invincible & Illustrious, named after aircraft carriers, in keeping with our navel ties.

Progression within the Cub pack is through a badge system. Cubs are encouraged to further their own interests by gaining activity badges.

During the summer, water activities are undertaken. All Cubs are expected to take part in these, under the supervision of our leaders.

Camping and other outdoor activities are also undertaken. Activities are not normally cancelled because of bad weather.

The leaders direct the children’s training, and have great experience in dealing with youngsters under the unusual environments of camps and group life

The Scouts meet on Thursday evenings, Our Section Leader is Martyn.

The Scout Troop is for girls and boys aged from about 10 and a half to 14.

As Sea Scouts we do a lot of water activities during the Summer season like Pulling, Canoeing, Kayaking and Sailing.

Take a look at some of the events we attend throughout the year, such as Rowing in London, Summer Camp this year in Wales and Winter Camp at Gilwell. Click here for more information

The Explorers Unit meet on Friday Evenings between 19:00 and 21:00 hrs , The section leader is Doug.

As an Explorer Scout, you will be able to decide, along with the rest of the Unit, what you want to do – whether it is power boating, socialising, hiking or enjoying a trip abroad. Some Units hold their meetings in a hall, or at someone’s house, or even up a mountain! You will be able to gain badges such as the Chief Scout’s Diamond and Platinum Awards. The highest award you can earn is the Queen’s Scout Award. This is recognised by many employers as the sign of someone that is enthusiastic, dedicated and reliable. To email for more information on the Explorer Unit please click here

Fund Raising

Our young children take part in a number of ways to fund raise for the Group. Bag packs at the local supermarkets, sponsored walks, and also easy fundraising, where companies donate a % of the sale when you shop online, just click on the link below and sign up to support our Group.

 For more information about the 6th Torbay (Britannia) Sea Scout Group please visit our website: www.6thtorbaybritannia.org.uk


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